• Metall in Bestform.

Industry sectors


Profiles, assemblies and components of the Tillmann Group accompany almost every Central European on a daily basis. Whether in the car, at the washing machine, in the shelving and storage technology. . . Tillmann products often form the basis of the entire part in secret.



Tillmann Group products can be found in virtually all car brands. We equip tier one suppliers as well as OEMs and are deeply involved in the development of new components.

Vehicle engineering


The demands of vehicle engineering are becoming more complex with the increasing significance of freight transportation. Tillmann Group is able to meet these requirements.



Wherever storage room is needed, we are able to assist. When it comes to warehousing and shopfitting we offer profiles with raised ends that are added directly during the forming process.

Fastening technology


The Tillmann Group has been a strong partner to the fastening technology industry for decades. From assembly rails to consoles, we offer a broad and deep product range and are eager to further develop and refine your designs.

Renewable energies


Our profiles are in great demand for free-field solar parks and wind turbines. Further application examples are current conducting rails and steelwork support systems.



Whether it is spice racks or a solution to store your drinks, we have the right product for you. Our profiles are also integrated in furniture and household appliances.



From profiles for switch cabinets to cable channels and conductor rails – Tillmann Group is a reliable partner for the electrical industry.

Construction industry


Profiles for locking technologies, bulkheads and wall crossbeams – the cross-sections we offer are as diverse as the construction industry is multifaceted.