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Looking back on a successfull trade fair

The EuroBlech Hannover has come to an end on Friday, 26.10.2018. The Tillmann Group was pleased to receive numerous visits and interesting discussions at its booth. Personal contact is and will remain the basis for successfull cooperation! Thanks for your visit! We look forward to meet you at next EuroBlech on 27.-30.10.2020!



New production technology starting May 2018 –
Advantages through innovative concepts

At the Kirchhoff & Lehr GmbH, pipes and special profiles will soon be processed on a state-of-the-art pipe laser system using the latest level of technology.

High flexibility and productivity make the pipe laser the ideal tool in the field of pipe and profile processing. Pipe lasering is in today’s production the most modern technological solution for the procession of pipes and profiles. The entire process of machining is completely non-contact and the tube rotates around the axis of the laser beam. Thereby the technology of the fiber laser offers a material-saving process and a high cutting edge quality. No matter if long or short pipes, the laser cutting of pipes allows economical processing of different materials, diameters and wall thicknesses. Whether round, rectangular, oval or special profiles.

Performance spectrum of the fiber laser:

• Laserprocessed pipes and profiles with the highest dimensional accuracy, smallest tolerancesand minimal warpage
• Procession of open profiles in different materials and thicknesses upon consultation
• Lasermachine-equipment for the loading and cutting of open profiles (flat-, L-, C- and U-profiles)
• Consistent quality at demand-actuated just-in-time-production
• Processing of highly reflective materials
• Optical detection of weld joints
• Labeling or marking for later processing

Lasercutting-system for prototypes right up to high volume series

• Once programmed, small batch sizes can be processed economically at the desired standard of quality, at the highest production accuracy and the briefest reaction times.
• At the flick of a switch we reach an exceptional precision and repetitive accuracy and therefore are flexible, fast and budget-friendly.

Kirchhoff & Lehr GmbH supports prellballers

During the 40th South-German youth championships in Prellball the Kirchhoff & Lehr GmbH supported the young players (age class 15-18 years) with a new set of jerseys.

The championship took place at the 3rd of March at the “TSV 1865 Ohorn” with a participants record of 28 teams and 123 players from Baden, Bavaria, Palatinate, Swabia and of course Saxony. The club has drawn attention to the fringe sport through lots of advertisement in press and television.

The young sportsmen – pictured with the production manager Marco Steinert – unfortunately couldn’t qualify for the German Championship, but were still very pleased with the result of the day, as they played the first time in this age-group.

We wish the young prellballers an ongoing success and of course much fun at the sport!