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Tillmann Group

The Tillmann Group is an association of four companies: Tillmann Profil GmbH, Kirchhoff & Lehr GmbH, Tillmann Werkzeugbau Profiltechnik GmbH and Wilhelm Bertrams GmbH & Co. KG. Together, they offer strong competencies in profile, part and component manufacturing at four locations in Germany: Sundern, Arnsdorf, Arnsberg and Leichlingen. Their extensive production program includes elements such as the manufacture of basic and highly
complex profiles – including laser-processed and laser-welded – and assembly of entire modules and components. Top quality, reliability and a focus on processes are the Tillmann Group’s outstanding attributes. Our roll forming machines can handle almost any steel and NE materials in thicknesses ranging from 0.3 mm to 7 mm, and up to a length of 25,000 mm.

Tillmann Profil

Tillmann Profil is one of the most modern and leading manufacturers of cold-rolled profiles. Although part of the Tillmann Group, we are an independent company that offers a broad portfolio of roll forming technology alongside the manufacture of entire modules and components.

Well-known clients appreciate the benefits of working with Tillmann Profil and have described it as “flexible”, “fast”, “trustworthy” and “personal”.

These attributes are embedded in the Tillmann vision that is at the heart of our day-to-day work.

Our highly skilled and motivated employees are the driving force behind the constant expansion of production facilities, extensive investment, ongoing development and certifications over the course of the company’s 100-year history. Their dedication and ambition have made Tillmann Profil what it is today.

As a Tillmann customer, you also benefit from this strength as well. Sales reps, construction engineers and consulting engineers are not the only ones who focus on finding your optimum solution – even machine operators deliver important input as they check, correct and optimise your product’s manufacturing process.

Profile technology dimensions

  • Material thicknesses: 0,3 mm – 7,0 mm
  • Strip widths: 10 mm – 1000 mm
  • Profile heights: max. 250 mm

Tillmann Werkzeugbau

Tillmann Werkzeugbau emerged in 1975 with just five employees, initially as a department within Tillmann Profil at Sundern. Ferdinand Tillmann, Hans-Dieter Böhm and Günter Fingerhut founded the independent company “Tillmann Werkzeugbau Profiltechnik GmbH”.

While initially concentrating on the manufacture of cutting, punching and drawing tools, as well as apparatus for third-party firms, they soon became aware of the value of in-house tool making in developing a parts manufacturing business. Since that time the company has been producing component parts and welded modules for the computer and automotive industries.

It now boasts roll forming lines that can handle all kinds of materials that can be cold-rolled to create perforated profiles and three-dimensional bends. Investments in CNC-driven lathes, milling machines and wire-cut EDM machines have enabled the company to switch the construction department over to CAD/CAM systems.

Punching technology dimensions

  • Pressing force: 4.000 KN
  • Material thicknesses: bis 4,0 mm
  • Strip widths: bis 800 mm

Kirchhoff & Lehr

We are Kirchhoff & Lehr GmbH, and we are known throughout Europe as a manufacturer of cold-rolled profiles. Our portfolio covers everything from basic, standard profiles through special profiles to complex systems.

It is this extensive product range, value for money and delivery reliability, high quality standards and the realisation of customer and product requirements that enable our company’s continued success.

We have a consistent market- and customer-driven strategy by means of which we attempt to identify market opportunities and satisfy our customers. We have dedicated ourselves to the task of maintaining and reinforcing our company’s reputation and success.

Only by manufacturing and delivering products that meet our customers’ requirements and specifications will we be able to secure long-lasting success. An intrinsic corporate culture is vital to the future success of our company.

Profile technology dimensions

  • Material thicknesses: 0,3 mm – 6,0 mm
  • Strip widths: bis 700 mm
  • Profile heights: bis 150 mm

Bertrams Leichlingen

Founded by Wilhelm Bertrams in 1927, this company produces cold-rolled profiles in a 22,000 m² production space in Leichlingen (Rhineland) with an strong, exceptionally skilled and motivated workforce.

Wilhelm Bertrams GmbH & Co. KG realises individual and sophisticated customer solutions to the highest quality standards.

After the premature death of owner, Margitta Bertrams, the company was integrated into the Tillmann Group in 2008. Today it enhances the Tillmann product portfolio with individual, lowest-threshold profile cross-sections, as well as laser-welded, laser-cut and bent profiles.

The Tillmann Group also offers complete production of modules and components.

Profile technology dimensions

  • Material thicknesses: 0,4 mm – 5,0 mm
  • Strip widths: bis 320 mm
  • Profile heights: bis 100 mm